Thursday, February 27, 2014

'BEIGE' live @El Rio, San Francisco

had a wonderful concert @ El Rio in San Francisco Mission District.
'BEIGE', aka 'The Old People Song':

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

We won the Golden Plunger and got to be on the radio!

we performed at Meredith's Reality Check at Ray's Hearth in Inner Richmond the other week. Ray, who runs the bar is a lovely fellow who not only has a bunch of German beer on hand in the bar, but also speaks it, if any German expats feel homesick. Meredith Godfrey is one of the sweetest people and runs a fun open mike!
We played Ungoogleable you and ended up winning the Golden Plunger!

Photo by the charming Jeannette Gonzalez, leopard house coat by the stylish sound man!

Marc contemplating the place of honor for our prize...

And not only that! Meredith has a weekly show on FCC Free Radio called Pub Crawl, where she gets together with her delightful gang of buddies, guests, some beer, lemonade and wine and have a great time. Last Monday we got to join them, play some songs and talk about ALL the things- have a listen!

playing our songs at the station! The kindly Shira Lucky helping with microphone, photo by the feisty Derek Brezette.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing at El Rio!

Hey kids! Don't know what to do tonight? Why not come down to the El Rio in the Mission district of San Francisco and see us play? We'll be performing alongside James Kennedy, a gifted musician with a beautiful voice. And best of all: it's free! \o/
We start around 8pm, come on down!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Marc & Naomi at Vice Principals of Comedy next Wednesday, 12th of March!

We'll be at the Vice Principals of Comedy at Lost Weekend Video on 1034 Valencia Street next Wednesday, 12th of February, thanks to the very funny Allison Mick.

You can find the Facebook event here.

You can see what we're up to by searching for #2monthsSF in the searchengine of your choice. See you there!

Marc and Naomi do SF!

Hey kids! I hope your year has started tremendously! Mine has been pretty fantastic so far, not least because Marc Seestaedt and I are lucky enough  to currently reside in San Francisco until the end of March, where we are cleverly avoiding Berlin winter and playing at various open mikes, like the Lower Branch Gallery last Wednesday:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Naomi playing at the Rosenau in Stuttgart with Cabell Fearn!

hi you silvery little bells on Santas sleigh! On the 10th of December we played the Open Stage at the Rosenau in Stuttgart, and by 'we' I mean my dad joined me on Stage to play Ungoogleable You! It was pretty awesome and he was brilliant, managing to play despite having switched the notes on the notestand. 
Besides shredding onstage he also builds beautiful bespoke guitars, so if you need a Christmas gift... well, you'll have one for 2014, since there's a waiting list. They sound great, so check em out!

and I also got to play the Old People Song on the Kalimba:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Put(t)in Out Video makes it onto Huffington Post!

Hey you fabulous little rainbow colored fish in the big sea of the internet. This Summer we recorded a little song as a reaction to the abysmal way Russia has been treating it's LGBT community. We even made a Video with the help of the fabulous Miss Natasha Enquist,  Nate Blanchard, Gael and others.
And now I just saw that we made it onto the Huffington Post!

Do feel free to show your support for Russia's LGBT community by donating here